Monday, December 24, 2012

Less than an hour left.

There are exactly 38 minutes and 17 seconds left until it is officially Christmas.
Oh. My. Heavens. Yes.

And it looks like it will be a white Christmas after all! WOOHOO!!

I admit it. My little sister and I did get the majority of everything ready for Christmas.
And that's when we realized that we didn't have any cookies for Santa.
Um, no bueno.
So what did we do?
Yup. We grabbed the first thing we could find.
Christmas M&Ms.
And I think it worked quite nicely, if you ask me. (:

And Gracie (who is being very considerate of all the animals this season) also told me that we needed something for his reindeer. So we found some carrots in the fridge.
Ha. Perfect.

So yes. Once Santa was all situated and ready to go...

...Gracie made sure that all of our stockings were hung by the chimney. With care.

(Yes my fellow pinners. My mom sewed every one of those stockings. Personally, my favorite is the little carolers, but overall, they are all pretty adorable. But really.)

So we are ready to go here at the Hill residence.
The only thing I regret this year is the fact that we didn't do Christmas cards.
Some people think that Christmas cards are kinda overrated and not really needed for the holidays.
But not this girl. I love Christmas cards.
From funny, to cute, to personal, to beautiful, Christmas cards always hit that spot when it comes to family and friends.
Ya know, personally I prefer humorous cards. But that's just me.

I'll be back to report tomorrow, but don't forget that Christmas is litterally less than 1 DAY away!!
And we all know what that means! (:

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