Sunday, December 23, 2012

2. Days. Left.

And I am so flippin' excited.
But it's not because of the presents. Oh heavens no.

I love the sound of  my little siblings feet pounding down the stairs in the morning. (at 6 am, no less)
I love the way my sister's face lights up when she looks into her stocking full of surprises.
I love how my brother shows my dad his new lego set, and then opens it that second to build it together.
I love knowing that my mom cares about us enough to make us a homemade breakfast.
I love dancing around with my little sister to the Christmas tunes on the radio.
But most of all, I love my family.
Christmas is a time of year when I come to appreciate my family more than I can ever let them know.
My family sticks through my mood swings, my random bursts of singing, and my crazy Pinterest attempts.
They love me for my random personality, and don't expect me to be somebody I'm not.
And yes. I just had to take a picture of my little bro's classy tie that he wore today.

I know, he's a cutie.

My family brings so much joy into my life. And I love it.

Ok. Story time.
So I'm walking through Target yesterday, doing some Christmas shopping, when a little girl comes in with her mom.  She is absolutely adorable, about 3 or 4 years old, blonde pigtails, and a pink Christmas sweater.  But the best part about her was that she would smile and say "Merry Christmas" to each person she passed.  As she passes an old man she says, "Merry Christmas!" and smiles wide. And the old man's face just lights up, he stands a little taller, and true joy spreads across his face.
This made my entire day.
Because that girl knew that Christmas spirit isn't about the presents, Santa Claus, or any material gifts.
She knew that Christmas spirit comes from loving others, and seeing joy light up their faces.
And it shows that even the smallest act of love and service can make, and change somebody's entire day.
And that is what I think true Christmas spirit is - joy.
This is why I love Christmas.
People are looking for ways to help lift somebody up, or help them to feel as happy and joyful as they are.
I wish this would happen year round, because the Christmas spirit is so infectious. Seriously.

Anyways, I just want to challenge each of you to follow this little girl's example, and go out of your way this season to help bring some joy into somebody else's life.

And guess what. Only 2 days until Christmas.
Can't wait.

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