Friday, December 7, 2012

Let it Snow. Please.

Christmas decorations? Check.
Christmas music quietly playing in the kitchen? Check.
The tree is all decorated? Check.
Snow?..... uh, cue the snow!
Oh wait. There is no snow.
And yes, I am now officially ready for some snow.
So to get the the "snowy vibe" goin on with Mother Nature, we made some snowflakes.

And yes ladies and gentleman, this is a 100% homemade, Star Wars stormtrooper snowflake.
Can I get a what what!?

 Another way to get that snowy vibe is to find your signature mug, get some hot cocoa, and fill it to the brim with whipped cream. yup.
Now some of you may be laughing, but guess what?
After a week, it worked just grand. Ha. (:

And now everything is covered in white.
This girl now has hope for Christmas.

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