Friday, December 21, 2012

4 days left.

Only 4 days left until Christmas.
And I really need to go Christmas shopping..... oh dear.

Anyways, what's another thing I love about Christmas?
the sweaters.
Christmas, ugly, tacky, homemade - they are so boss. But really.

Theres furry...


...and super-duper festive.

Then there's the ugly sweater (with a cat no less)...
... the Christmas sweater...

... or both mixed together.

But really. Please see all of it's glory.
It's a doozy. And I love it. (:

I just really love Ugly Sweater Day.

And what's another plus about today?
We didn't die! Woohoo!!
And the fact that there are only 4 days until Christmas.
That makes everything even better!
So enjoy your Friday peeps. Cause Christma is gonna be good.

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