Tuesday, January 24, 2012


first of all, yes, I know I've been slacking. hehe, whoops. but I am going to be writing more often, and keeping up to date.
secondly, my cute friend, Emmie, has her own blog which i ADORE. seriously. it is the cutest blog ever.
thirdly, i've decided that im gonna post 10 things I'm grateful for every once in a while. Even though they're small. :)

1. walking barefoot in the grass. admit it - you like it too.
2. shampoo and conditioner in one bottle.
3. hearing music in the distance. (i love this one.)
4. the smell of fresh baked brownies in your kitchen. one of the best smells. seriously.
5. scrapbooks.
6. a tail-wag greeting from a dog. i love how dogs can make you feel loved even if they don't know you. at all.
7. disney movies. classic.
8. calculators. i can honestly say A LOT of us take this for granted, yes?
9. cinnamon burst bread from great harvest. oh yeah.
10. having your favorite song as your ringtone.

alrighty, thats all.... for now. I'm gonna be blogging A LOT more now. so go make somebody's day :) .