Thursday, February 16, 2012

laugh. it'll burn you some calories... i think.

she's chosen the dark side.....

 admit it - for 9 seconds that was pretty funny :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

here comes the bride...

i love weddings. seriously. i dont think i necessarily want to get married, but going to other peoples weddings? life is good (:

the answer would be yes - definitely.

note to all men: plan a secret photographer for your proposal.


I love this veil. Seriously gorgeous.
alrighty. well it's 1:30. am. yup. BUT i have a good reason.... i think. i got two back teeth pulled today (on valentines day. can't eat anything - wah!) and slept for 5 hours. 5 HOURS.
anyhoo, hope everybody has an awesome day today!
Goal: make somebody [preferably somone you don't know that well...] smile :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

yup. valentine's day. its funny.

Hahahahaha. i guess until your older, you don't really give a crap about valentine's day. AT ALL. in fact its kinda funny. expecially the cards..... haha :)

1. Wii Player Romance

2. Life is like a box of chocolates...

3. What do I love about you?

great - i bet thats JUST what she wanted to hear.... "love you too sweetie!"

you get the picture. anyways, i think everybody like me should just relax tomorrow and have a great day! Tomorrow's goal: let somebody know they're loved :)
XOXO and all that stuff.....

Sunday, February 12, 2012

tips to making life easier...

why are we making our lives so hard i ask you?? well here are a few great tips that help A LOT with everyday things:

1. Reducing static cling

if you pin a safety pin to the edge of your slip and - ta da! no cling.

2.  Freshness of your bread...

did you know that the color of the tab shows how fresh your bread is!?

3.  Paper Bag Printing

yup. you can print straight onto the paper bags :)

4.  The Perfect Trash Can

cereal canisters make the PERFECT trash can for your car - seriously.

5. Reynold's Wrap

guys, there are lock in tabs to keep the roll in place :)

6. Expanding Frosting
when you buy frosting at the store, whip it up with your mixer for a few minutes - you can DOUBLE it in size. you get to frost more cake/cupcakes with the same amount and you eat less sugar and calories per serving. Win Win.

7. Shaving your legs
Use hair conditioner - seriously. It's cheaper than shaving cream and it makes your legs really smooth.

8. Runs in your Tights?

well, that's all the tips for now - hope they helped! :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sock Bun curls

ok so i found this super cute curly hairstyle online, and when i read on it, it said that it was made from a sock bun (!).  Here's a picture and the how-to link:

^ there is a youtube video on how to do it.

And here are today's 10 things of gratitude:

11. croissants. yuummm. enough said.

12. dollar stores. even when 9/10s of the stuff is junk, you love finding those things worth a dollar :)

13. band-aids.

14. donut holes. yup. sometimes the middle of the donut is better than the donut itself.

15. roller coasters. that flying feeling that usually lasts about 30 seconds.

16. dvds with all the extra features.

17. s'mores. three scrumptious foods smushed into one.

18. second hand clothing stores.

19. an extra thirty minutes of sleep in the morning. love this one.

20. great books that become great movies. *ehhumharrypotterehhum*

Today's goal: go make somebody smile :)