Friday, May 18, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Squirt them in people's eyes!  
.... Ok I'm just kidding. Don't do THAT. No really. Life will get you. Seriously.
ANYHOO, this week life has given me plenty of lemons. and limes. and grapefruits. and - ok you get my point.

Alright. First of all, Drama. Not cool. One of the worst cases anyone can get on the last few weeks of school. On top of all the stress over grades, sometimes I feel like I'm just gonna break down. Don't you just wish life were perfect?

Wouldn't life be perfect if
Sweatpants were sexy,
Mondays were fun,
Junk food didn't make you fat,
Girls didn't cause so much drama,
Guys weren't so confusing,
And goodbyes only meant until tomorrow?

Well hey. That sounds PRETTY great. But everybody goes through it. And I realized that. So we just gotta make the best of life, yes?

So here's what I did that made today a lot better than it was bound to turn out.
  • I came home to a tail-wagging dog. Love her. (:
  • I went running (!) Holy cow - EXERCISE. Feel good about yourself!
  • Pinterest. Makes you feel very creative.
  • I read me some HP. Because we all know real men don't sparkle. They defeat Dark Wizards.
And now, I will top off this blog post with a Harry Potter pic that matches this situation...

And have a wonderful Friday. (: 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Update: Life is Grand

Friends. We've all got some. There's the happy, the supportive, the funny, the hyper. But what makes my friends special?

Well, lotsa stuff.
  • My friends say superdee-duper awesome words like "shindig" and "jiffy".
  • And they jump on trampolines for hours, and play pretend.
  • And we also discuss leaving somebody on the mountain armed with nothing but a bag of marshmallows and two artichokes.... but thats a whole different story.
  • We talk about pinterest, and MLIA, and funny stories about eachother.
  • They also know how to down two bags of popcorn in less than 2 minutes and 3 pizzas in less than 8. That should break some kind of record..... yes?
Anyhoo, just wanna let them know that I enjoy them very much and they make my life just grand. (: