Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Interview We Never Had

Yup. You read that right. Today I have a guest blogger with me. My little youngin, Gracie.

Gracie: Hi.

Me:  What's some cool stuff you did this summer?

Gracie: Well I did chalk.

Me: Is that it?

Gracie: Yeah.

Me: Why are you so boring?

Gracie: That's mean!

Me: can't even think of some cool stuff you did this summer!

Gracie: Um...Well...I...Uh...Um...This summer I...uh...What are you doing?

Me: I'm typing all of your answers.

Gracie: Well this summer I...Let's see...Madison what did I do?...Madison give me an answer, will you?

Me: Well, don't know.

Gracie: Oh yeah. I played with mom. And I read a book in my bed.

Me: Wow that's great.

Gracie: Thanks....Oh and I figured out who my new teacher is! Wanna hear!?

Me: No.

Gracie: It's Mr. Cassler!!!

Me: That's great. Tell me something cool about you.

Gracie: Well, I like to make art...and I like to paint my nails...and I like to make money...

Me: You make money? How...

Gracie: I do yard sales.

Me: Really?

Gracie: Yeah, sometimes.

Me: ...When was the last time you had a yard sale...?

Gracie: Last year.

Me: Oh, did you make a lot of money?

Gracie: I made a dollar.

Me: Well it was nice talking to you.

Gracie: I'm leaving?

Me: Yeah you're done.

Gracie: You lied!

Me: No I didn't, I told you we were done.

Gracie: You told me you were looking up Squirt the turtle!

And that was the interview we never had.
The end.

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