Friday, July 6, 2012

My Firework-less Fourth.

That is a seriously depressing title. No fireworks. No fire. Not a single sparkler. But WE got an exception. (: I'll tell you about it down the road. Somewhere.

Ok. Where to start... Ahaha oh yes. Ok.

Day 1
So we're driving up to Heber,

and right when we passed this:
My sister yells into my ear, "Madison! That's it! That's where Bigfoot lives!!"

Why thank you Gracie. Gotta love the enthusiasm... kinda...
Anyhoo, so when we got there it was pretty late, but we started unloading.

My mom had told us we were going camping.
Now that's my kinda camping. (;
We also had one mean Set competition then finished the day off with a cookie (:

Day 2
Both days were filled with fun activities, and today there happened to be some free time.
Now we all know what that means: shopping!
Well we went to a store to get ice, and Gracie insisted that I take a picture of these mini cacti.

There. A picture of mini cacti. But for 2 bucks? Not too shabby...

We also found this humongo flag made out of soda.
holy cannoli.
(Get it? CANnoli? Ahaha, I am so punny. ha.)
So we were off. And when walking out of another store, what did we find?

 I know. It literally makes my entire life.
Admit it. If you had seen this, you would have wanted to ride it too.
No seriously, how many of you have actually seen a giant-pumba-insert-a-coin-and-ride machine before!?
Yup. Just as I thought.

Moving on now.
After we went back to the cabins, we had dinner and a concert waiting for us.
Don't worry, they were just setting up when we got there.

The concert was started off by an amazing singer named Breanne "Breezy" Osborn.

(The picture on the far left is of an album that she made a few years ago)
After the concert/cleanup, we had an amazing flag ceremony where we retired a giant flag. Oh yeah.

And this is why we were able to light a fire.


The flag was too big to burn all in one go, so they cut it up into four rectangles.

The blue corner with the stars was burned last while we sang the National Anthem.
But my video won't load up. Grr.
Anyways, it was such a spiritual experience.

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July Weekend!

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