Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Wicked Awesome.

I love musicals.
No. Actually, I adore musicals.
And there's only one thing better than a musical - a broadway musical.
I love just knowing that you're about to see a fabulous performance.
The way you sit forward in your chair a little bit, anticipating the show.
But most of all, I love the music.
It's the music that's still stuck in your head weeks after you've seen the show.

And when that happens, you are mentally forced to go and buy the musical's soundtrack.
Then after school, you can come home and click play on the radio in your kitchen and re-live the musical all over again, singing and dancing around the kitchen with your 8 year old sister, reenacting the whole musical all over again.

And it never gets old.
Because there are so many musicals that I absolutely adore. I mean really, I could just live off of musicals.
Lion King, Annie, The Music Man, The Drowsy Chaperone, My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music - the list just goes on. And on.

But personal favorite? Wicked.
Hands down. I've seen two Broadway shows live - Wicked and Lion King.
Both were absolutely fabulous (hey, that's broadway for ya), but my all time favorite musical is Wicked.

The entire story plot is pure genius.
I mean really, it all just weaves itself in to connect to the Wizard of OZ story, and it makes perfect sense!!
Go see the show. Tickets are about eighty bucks, but seriously? TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Not only is the music addicting, and the plot incredible, but you can also learn a lot from Wicked.
(P.S. This will make a heck of a lot more sense to those of you who have seen the musical.)

The wicked witch of the west isn't actually that wicked.
Dance through life.
Don't take green drinks from strangers. EVER.
Toss toss.
And defy gravity.
I love the lyrics in the song that say "Everyone deserves the chance to fly". Because it's so true.
Challenge? I want you to do your best, and be yourself, even if there's that one girl that would do anything to bring you down.

Now, what's a blog post without some pinterest magic!?.. But really.

Yes my friends, that picture is made entirely out of lyrics from Wicked. Genius.
Secondly, I want these shoes. So badly.
So if anybody would like to get them for me, it would be much appreciated.

Have a Wicked awesome Thursday folks. Ha. So punny.

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