Monday, October 8, 2012

In-School Update. Ha.

Right now I am in biology. And we have computers so that we can finish our End of Chapter assessment.  But who's got two thumbs and decided to blog instead!?
this girl!

Sometimes, you just wanna run away from school.

Run Nikita, run...
(And this my friend, is the reason photoshop was invented.)

But really, highschool is the bomb diggity. Seriously.
First of all, I can tell you that a glue stick will not glue your lips together. How do I know this?  Because we tried it on Emma last week in French. Ha.

Second of all, don't you really dislike those people in your gym class who try to make running laps like a race?? I mean really though.  "Calm down bro! It's P.E. not the olympics!!" Sheesh.

Funny story. So I'm walking down the hallway, heading for Algebra 2. And right when I walk past a group of boys, I hear "Josh, look! We're matchers today!"

Oh ya know, I just seriously love highschool (:
And because it is only second period, and I'm hungry, I have posted this lovely picture from Full House.

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