Thursday, October 11, 2012


Don't you just love that word? fearless. Brave, bold and beautiful all at once.
To me, being fearless is not being without fears.  It's taking chances. Risking it all. Living life to the fullest. Letting your heart soar to what you love.
I love how Taylor Swift puts it.
(the whole quote is on pinterest - go look it up. It is totally worth it.)

Being fearless isn't just about us.  It's about making the world fearless for other people too.
Today in Health, we watched this video called Validation.
And I loved it.
So much, that I came home and found it on Youtube. Ha. (:

This is absolutely perfect. (And definitely worth the 16 minutes. hands down.)  I love the way the people lit up when he told them something.  It just makes you want to go out and hug everybody. Although that might be kinda creepy...

Lets just stick to the compliments for now.

This next week, lets be fearless. Take a chance, make a change, let others know you love them. Put some sunshine into their day.
Be fearless. 

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